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IWB has partnered with MyAllocator for years, offering one of the best solutions for channel management and property management. Because of our unique partnership, there are benefits only available to properties that become members of MyAllocator from the IWB interface. In fact, these benefits are unique to IWB users.

So, what is channel management? You can manage your calendar only once, but populate multiple booking sites simultaneously. Now, IWB and MyAllocator offer connection to over 150 sites, plus the GDS, for one low price. The advantage is incredible time savings and convenience. You can eliminate hours and hours of work each week, managing calendars on multiple websites.

Benefits of using MyAllocator with IWB:

1.Free Trial. Then, prices starting from only $25 per month.
2.Use the IWB Calendar for free. Many users agree that our Calendar interface is the most intuitive and advanced for managing your availability. It's free, and similar features are available only at a cost from other providers.
3.Instant World Booking is the only service connected to MyAllocator which offers both a booking site (distribution) and a property management system.
4.IWB gives you access to the full MyAllocator interface. It's all available on the IWB interface, and there's no need to log into 2 systems simultaneously.
5.All your reservations from all channels will appear on one integrated booking list. This is the same efficient reservation tool you're already accustomed to on the IWB interface.
6.IWB uses an advanced queueing method to send updates to your channels via MyAllocator. IWB is the only provider that works this way. So why is this critically important? If you use MyAllocator alone (without IWB), updates are sent immediately and only once to your channels. But, what happens if the update fails, or a particular channel can't accept updates at that time? You may not know that it failed. This happens frequently, and is an unpleasant reality with channel management systems. You waste a lot of time returning to your computer to repeat the procedure manually, only to watch it fail again? IWB eliminates this problem for you. If a channel rejects an update, IWB will resend the update until it is accepted.
7.No more confusing error codes. IWB analyzes channel errors from MyAllocator. We notify you when a channel failure requires your attention. If you use MyAllocator alone (without IWB) you may receive error codes when you try to update a channel. You have to research the error yourself, or contact support. IWB eliminates the guesswork. We communicate the exactly problem to you, and which rooms are effected.
8.Click to synchronize any room type. If you have a problem with external channels or an individual room, IWB allows you to resynchronize one or all rooms with one click. MyAllocator does not offer this functionality. In fact, a bigger problem is that full refresh on MyAllocator may fail occasionally with some channels. Our method will automatically reconnect in the background until all channels have accepted the update.
9.You get perfect integration between your website's Booking Engine and all your channels. Use IWB's Booking Engine on your website, and never worry about synchronizing your calendar with external booking sites. Our Booking Engine is an advanced solution that will enhance your customers' reservation experience.
10.If you're looking for a more advanced property management solution, you can try  So, you have 2 options for a property management system, and it's perfectly integrated with MyAllocator and IWB.

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If you already are a member of Instant World Booking, please log into your profile and proceed to the page entitled Channel manager. Not a member? Sign up free here:
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Which sites can I send my calendar to?

IWB and MyAllocator allow you to send your calendar to many of the most popular distribution sites (channels) for hostels. It's all included in one price. Connections for these hostel channels are automatically included with your membership, and we're adding new ones all the time.
  • 9Flats
  • Adventure Travel
  • Agoda
  • AirBnb
  • ArtArsis
  • Atraveo
  • Atrapalo
  • Balmers
  • BestDay
  • BookingMarkets
  • BookVisit
  • Bud and Breakfast
  • BudgetPlaces
  • CityBreak
  • Cozystay
  • CTrip
  • Easybookings
  • EasyToBook
  • Ebab
  • Enbloc Hotels
  • Enzo Group
  • Escapio
  • Expedia
  • Famous Hostels
  • FlipKey
  • Goibibo
  • Gomio
  • HIHostels
  • HiHostel Brazil
  • Hola Hostels
  • Homey Hostel
  • Hostel2Hostel
  • Hostelbookers
  • HostelCulture
  • Hosteldeals
  • HostelsClub
  • HostelTimes
  • HostelTraveler (IWB)
  • HostelWorld
  • HotelAdvisor
  • HotelBeds
  • Hotel Bonanza
  • HotelTravel
  • Housetrip
  • InItalia
  • IWB Network (100+ sites)
  • Knijbel
  • Laterooms
  • LocalOTA
  • MakeMyTrip
  • MalaPronta
  • MaxBooking
  • MyBooking
  • Net Affinity
  • Nomads Spain
  • Only-Apartments
  • Open Travel Exchange
  • Orbitz
  • Ostrovok
  • Prestigia
  • Surf Holidays
  • The Hostel Crowd
  • Traveliko
  • Traveloka
  • TravelRepublic
  • Trilyo
  • TripAdvisor
  • Trip Masters
  • Vacation Rentals By Owner
  • VisitJourneys
  • Wimdu
  • Wix booking
  • Worldpackers
  • Reconline (for GDS and 120+ additional IDS sites)
What about the GDS (Global Distribution Systems) and premium sites like, Travelocity, Priceline, and others?
Yes, in just one step you can submit your calendar to the entire GDS (Global Distribution Systems) and more than 120 other IDS sites (Internet Distribution Systems). See the full list below. The GDS is a travel agency network of over 450,000 locations. IWB and MyAllocator now offer connectivity to all these sites for one low cost, compared to other providers. There are no setup fees or recurring charges. Just select the Reconline channel to get started.

Reconline  Connect with over 120 IDS sites in one easy step. Reconline includes popular travel sites like, TripAdvisor,,,, and many more. Reconline offers the advantage of publishing to all IDS sites simultaneously, in addition to all the Global Distribution Systems (GDS). So, we'll list your property on dozens of IDS channels and thousands of travel agencies. Click the link below to see the full list.

Getting started is easy. With Reconline, there are no initial setup fees or recurring charges. Your basic membership fee already includes the connection. The total cost charged by the travel agencies and IDS booking sites is 17% commission. There's only a cost when you receive reservations. This is an incredible value, considering you get connected to all sites simultaneously. Follow the instructions on the MyAllocator interface to sign up for Reconline (sorry, not available for youth hostels). MyAllocator handles the application process. Once your application is approved, your property will be published to all available booking sites.
What exactly are GDS/IDS sites?
Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are the reservation systems used by travel agents to book their air, hotel and car reservations.

Amadeus67,000 Travel agency locationsEMEA, Asia-Pacific, Americas
Sabre50,000 Travel agency locationsAmericas, EMEA, Asia-Pacific
Worldspan16,000 Travel agency locationsAmericas, EMEA, Asia-Pacific
Galileo43,000 Travel agency locationsEMEA, Americas, Asia-Pacific
Pegasus50,000 Travel agency locationsEMEA, Americas, Asia-Pacific

Your property will be bookable on all GDS systems by using the Reconline channel.

Internet Distributon Systems (IDS) are online travel agents, travel portals, travel search engines/directories, online hotel consolidators, and airline websites that offer online travel reservation to consumers. When you use the Reconline channel, your property will be available on over 120+ IDS sites. The complete list is available above.
How can I include my property and calendar on the GDS/IDS?
MyAllocator offers many booking channels for one low price. Additionally, a broad selection of over 120+ IDS sites (Internet Distribution Systems) are available via our Reconline channel. After handling a brief application process for you, we connect you to all available IDS sites and the entire GDS. This service is available for most accommodation types except youth hostels.

How does IWB and MyAllocator work for your hostel?

You manage your hostel's availability on the IWB Calendar interface (see CALENDAR, when you're logged in to your account). You may also use Instant World Booking's property management systems to administrate your calendar. Additionally, if you upload your hostel's availability to Instant World Booking using any of our approved XML interfaces, your availability will automatically be available to MyAllocator. Bottom line, you manage your calendar only once using any of these methods.

Setting up your Channel manager service is surprisingly affordable and easy. Just log into your profile at our interface, and select Channel Manager. Your free trial will start immediately.
How frequently can I update my calendar?
You can update your calendar on an unlimited basis. MyAllocator will update all your external channels instantaneously when you change your calendar on IWB's Calendar interface.

How does the price compare with competing services?

You will find that MyAllocator is priced lower than many competitors. Additionally, this low cost includes many channels that are not available from competitors. When evaluating pricing, consider what services may be bundled in the total cost. You may find that by selecting any combination of IWB's Booking Engine, Front Desk System, and Channel manager, you can achieve significant savings.
Booking Engine
Do I have to learn new software to manage my hostel's calendar?
No. You may continue to maintain your calendar on IWB's Calendar interface. Alternatively, try our property management system for your front desk. Finally, if you use your own external property management system, your service provider may upload your calendar directly to our system using our XML interface.
Instant World Booking XML Interface
I already have a property management system. Do I need to change how I manage my calendar?
No. Many front desk systems interface directly with our calendar system. If your calendar system does not already interface with IWB, instruct your system provider to integrate with our calendar using our XML interface.
Instant World Booking XML Interface
Can I publish different prices on different channels?
Yes. In short, you can turn your rooms on or off on IWB's calendar. Additionally, you can map different rooms to various channels. So, by using these features, it's possible to publish different prices on different channels.
How does MyAllocator work with my website's booking engine?
MyAllocator will interact perfectly with your website. Using our Booking Engine for your website, the same calendar of availability will be displayed. There is no need to manage a separate calendar or reservation system. You can even publish different rooms and rates on your website, versus your external channels.
Booking Engine

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